Gun Range


Frequently asked questions

What kinds of guns can I shoot?

*Guns with less than 3,600 foot-pounds of energy are allowed on the range. *Shotguns with slugs only *Black Powder or black powder substitutes are NOT allowed on the range. *No tracer, incendiary or multiple shot ammunition *Pistols and rifles can be shot at the BCOAC’s gun range

This is my first time shooting here, what do I need to bring?

Please bring eye and ear protection as you will need it before entering the range. No open toed shoes are allowed. If you do not have eye and ear protection we do have some avaliable for use. If you plan on renting a gun, you will need to bring a current ID.

Can I bring my own targets?

Yes! Please do not bring any realistic face targets. Zombies, silhouettes and law enforcement targets are fine.

My son/daughter is interested in Firearms can they come to the range?

The age range starts at 6 years old. The children must be supervised at all times. BB guns and .22 rifles are available, please ask an RSO for assistance.

Do you offer leagues?

Leagues are offered in the winter starting mid-January and run for approximately 8 weeks. Follow us on Facebook and watch our Website for details.

There is a mixed league, a woman's only, and a .22 league is pending.

Can I buy ammo from you if I run out?

We currently only sell ammo with the purchase of a gun rental.

Can I sight in my deer rifle?

We are only a 25 yard range but you are welcome to come and sight in your rifle.


Archery Range

Frequently asked questions

How old do you have to be to start archery?

You can start archery at any age! We've had students as young as 3 with proper equipment, instruction and supervision. We would suggest when a child has enough hand -eye coordination to handle the equipment safely. They are then able to take instruction and have a positive attitude towards learning, that is they can take the good shots and the bad.

If I buy a membership, are there any blackout dates?

We try our best to keep our ranges open to our members at all times during business hours. Please check the calendar of events to ensure the range does not have a large event taking place.

Do you allow crossbows?

Yes, there is a specific target on the range just for crossbows.

Are there any archery clubs I can participate in?

Big Sioux Bowman JOAD 4-H shooting sports