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Archery Range
General Information

Get ready for opening day, fine-tune your skills, enjoy the sport of archery or settle the debate once and for all against your friends on who’s the better shot at one of the largest indoor archery range in the Midwest. The BCOAC boasts a 14,000 square foot 30-yard, 32 lane indoor archery range that features 16 professional grade targets that are on wheels to easily set shooting distance. 


 Our range is an ideal location for sighting your bow in at close distances as well as practicing those long shots at up to 30yds. Our range is crossbow and compound bow friendly, but please use field tips only. Not only is the range Olympic sized but is also home to 4-H shooting sports, youth, and adult JOAD, and is an EASTON Foundation Range. 


Our indoor range is open year round, members have access 7 days a week from 5 am to 11 pm, by using their access card. There may be times, particularly in the winter, when range space is limited and certain dates when the BCOAC hosts large-scale archery tournaments that utilize the entire range or the entire facility. We will notify our members if this is the case. You can see our Calendar of Events or check our Facebook page for updates on events as well as our website to see when our busy times of the month/week are.

  Passes are $12 per adult, and $7.50 per youth.  If you need to rent archery equipment, it is $5.

Annual memberships are a great way to enjoy the archery center at a great value. Membership gives you access to the entire archery range for a full calendar year as well as a discount on equipment rental and free targets.

All bows must be cased
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Archery Range Availability

Access the calendar to see if the archery range is available by clicking on the +number, then click on the event to see when it starts and ends

Ready to become a member? 

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